Day 3 – Hiroshima

Day 3-1Heading to the Atomic Bomb Site – A Bomb Dome

Day 3-2Our group just inside the Peace Memorial Park – Standing on the site of the atomic explosion

Day 3-3Inside the Peace Memorial MuseumDay 3-5

Before the Explosion

Day 3-6After the Explosion

Day 3-7Before the Explosion

Day 3-8After the Explosion

Day 3-9Time of the Atomic Explosion

Day 5 – Nara and Kyoto

Our day began with a long train ride to Nara.  The World Heritage Site.

Day 5-06

Inside the Shrine our group saw many different religious artifacts.

Day 5-05

Day 5-07We also toured The National Treasure Museum of Japan

Day 5-01 Day 5-02 Day 5-03 Day 5-09 Day 5-08 Day 5-10 Day 5-14 Day 5-13 Day 5-12 Day 5-11We feed the local wild life and they let us touch them. Mutual Respect – Very Japanese.

Day 5-04But you have to ask: Who is smarter, the guys or the deer?

(Hint – The Deer, it knows you have food and you are not going away.)