Why Go/Who Should Go

The purpose for the trip


  • To give the students an opportunity of a hands on experience with various Japanese technologies and innovations.
  • To let the students observe, experience, and interact in a foreign culture.
  • To provide a direct tangible linkage to school learning with the robotics, electronics, and the science & technology studies programs.


  • To develop team leadership skills
  • To gain personal growth through an international trip away from home
  • To learn and understand team work, cultural respect, and personal discipline.
  • To see Japan’s past, present, and the future via various museums and tours.
  • To prepare the school community for future Japan/Vancouver student exchange program.


Profile of a student candidate

Academic/School Related Qualities

  • The trip is open to Grade 10/11/12 students in Senior Math and Science Courses
  • Passing all courses in term 1 and 2
  • Acceptable attendance record in terms 1 and 2
  • Satisfactory / Good Work Habits in Terms 1 and 2
  • Participate in a variety of activities
  • Is a good candidate for post secondary education
  • Is an excellent role model for other students
  • Be able to represent the school in a positive and exemplary manner

Personal Qualities

  • Demonstrate good citizenship behaviors
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal communication skills
  • Must be a team player; be able to work with others and can demonstrate leadership skills
  • Must love to travel and explore new experiences
  • Not afraid of trying new things
  • Respectful of the Japanese culture
  • Students will be selected based on a questionnaire.

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